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Carst & Walker Australia (Pty) Ltd became an Australian registered business in 2000. In 2001 a small plastics trading company was acquired in Perth, West Australia under the name of Universal Polymer Suppliers (UPS). UPS supplies Engineering Polymer resins to the plastic injection moulding and extrusion industry. C&W Australia soon began trading under it’s own name - focusing on the rubber compounding industry and the adhesives industry on the East coast of Australia.

The origins of Carst & Walker (Pty) Ltd (C&W). date back to 1934, when the company commenced business as an indent agent, concentrating on the importation of commodity items such as tea, coffee and vegetable oils, under the name of A.W. Jones, Walker & Carst (Pty) Ltd. The business in natural products developed to include items such as timber, rice and spices and also expanded into the importation of specialty manufactured raw materials, which included textiles, chemicals, plastics and synthetic rubber.

Hobart Enterprises
Carst & Walker Australia is part of Hobart Enterprises, the holding company of numerous chemical importing and distributing companies worldwide. Its purpose is to acquire similar companies which can add value to its already extensive base and benefit by being part of a global brand.

Companies in the Hobart Enterprises Group:

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